Orders are processed safely through Paypal, which accepts all major credit cards and E-check payments. Please make sure the shipping address listed is correct. If it is incorrect, please use the contact option or email listed on my website and send the corrected address at the time of purchase. Buyers will be responsible for shipping cost to reship in the case of an incorrect address.

Shipping Times:

Your order will typically ship out in 7-10 days from your purchase date. Estimated arrival time: 5-10 business days from the shipping date in the continental U.S. 1-3 weeks from the shipping date on most International orders (depending on customs).

Shipping Policies:

Orders are shipped to the U. S. and worldwide. Prints and originals ship via USPS Priority (First Class) and/or FedEx. Courier is chosen based on its efficiency and safety for the product. Shipping charges vary depending on the size, weight, and area of destination. International buyers please note: Shipping costs do not include import taxes and charges.  Please check your local custom's office to see if there are additional fees.
Printed Works of Art: Prints are shipped flat unless noted. They are placed into acid free paper, taped, secured between cardboard, and then packaged.
Original Works of Art: Original art is first placed into acid free paper, taped, secured between cardboard, bubble wrapped, and then packaged. Certificates of Authenticity are printed on archival vellum bristol paper and signed by the artist. Certificates are packaged in clear glassine.
Perfume: Each Oil Perfume and Solid Balm Perfume Pendant or Compact is packaged in a velour bag. It arrives with a business card and a information card. Everything is packaged and ready to be given as a gift.  Multiples will be wrapped in additional white paper, to avoid shock of the bottles clanging together.  
Perfume and Print Combos: Smaller prints and perfumes may be packaged carefully together.  Each will first be packaged as listed above, combined and then shipped.

Natural Botanical Perfumes:
Please do not ingest, for external use only!  Keep away from small children and pets. Please avoid using during pregnancy and breastfeeding, unless ok with your doctor.  Some oils are photosensitive, especially citrus oils.  This means they can cause a chemical reaction when exposed to sunlight or UV, so it’s best to skip perfume if sunbathing.  Natural, pure oil does not mean it may not cause an allergic reaction!  Use a small amount to test for allergic reaction on first use.  Body chemistry can react to natural products, it just depends on your chemical makeup and that’s why it’s critical to test a little on first use. For additional information on natural botanical perfumes, please refer to the Perfumes section on the Forest and Fable website.


There are no refunds, no cancellations, or warranties on any orders outside of postal error. If a print or original is damaged during shipping, the buyer must contact within five days of receiving the shipment. Damaged merchandise must be returned in a postage-paid envelope or box that will be sent to you within 10 days. Send back damaged merchandise in the replacement envelope and we will send you a replacement within 15 days. Money will be refunded on items that are original or prints that do not have a replacement available.